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At Galería-Taller IK-KAN it is very important to share with the general public our vision of Mexican popular art and the creative process of our pieces. For us art and creation is a passion and a philosophy of life, it is a way of preserving and spreading our history, traditions and culture of our country. That is why our workspace remains open so that you can visit us and learn more about the process of the pieces that we offer in our gallery.

Our space is plural and inclusive, free of discrimination of any kind both among us and with our visitors.

During your visit you will have the opportunity to meet and see how each of our pieces are made, step by step. You will have the opportunity to meet our teachers Rafael Baca and Irene Altamirano, founders of IK-KAN Gallery-Workshop. You will learn about the cartonería technique, its history and the creation of alebrijes, masks and skulls with this technique. You will be able to observe the decoration process and the different techniques we use for this. We will talk to you about the symbology that we use to give identity to our pieces. All complemented with a talk where we will enter the world of alebrijes and its creator, the master Pedro Linares, we will talk to you about the mysticism present in our masks and its living connection with the ancient world and through our skulls we will share with you the philosophy and fundamentals of one of the most important and representative traditions of our Mexico: The day of the dead. At IK-KAN you will learn about the legends and pre-Hispanic mythology and of our current native peoples that give sustenance and depth to the pieces we make, making your visit an unforgettable and unique experience in Valladolid, Yucatan.

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